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Transfer Switches

If you experience a power outage or your area is susceptible to severe weather, a transfer switch can help you safely power your home or business using a portable generator.

Portable generators can provide comfort, safety and security during power outages and emergencies, and can be installed temporarily during these situations. A portable generator must be connected properly to protect electrical workers, family members and property. A manual double throw transfer switch is the key to safe and convenient operation of portable generators for standby power. This transfer switch needs to be installed and/or inspected by Radiant Electric Cooperative for proper and safe working order to ensure no backfeeding or stepped up voltage onto our electrical lines. The utility line voltage is normally “stepped down” before entering the home by a transformer. The transformer can work in reverse when voltage is sent through it in the opposite direction and “step up” the voltage. This stepped up voltage, backfeeding through the utility line, may injure workers that come into contact with the utility lines. Contact Radiant Electric for price, purchase and installation of a manual double throw transfer switch.