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Scholarship Program

The Board of Trustees of Radiant Electric Cooperative adopted the concept of a scholarship program in 1991. A Scholarship Committee was selected, which is independent from the Radiant Electric Board of Trustees, to administer the program. The Scholarship Committee approves and announces the Scholarship awards at the Radiant Electric Cooperative's Annual Meeting, held in the Spring of each year.

The Scholarship program is expected to be an ongoing program, however, the Board of Trustees will annually approve its continuation and may discontinue the program at any time without notice to the members.

The program will be announced each year in the Fall issues of the "Kansas Country Living" magazine, with the schedule for receiving of applications including the deadline and when the awards will be announced.

The scholarship applications are accepted from a bona-fide dependent of a Member of Radiant Electric Coop (A Member is a natural person paying their membership and receiving electric service from Radiant Electric Coop at their residence). Members meeting all qualifications of the application would also be eligible applicants.

Download the 2017 - 2018 Scholarship Application Packet