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Report An Outage

If your service is interrupted, the first thing to do is check your service panel fuses or breaker and then the circuit breaker at the meter. Next, check to see if your neighbors have service. This will help Radiant Electric have an idea of the extent of the outage.

Then call the Cooperative and report the trouble. Outages need to be reported as soon as possible, by calling the office at (620) 378-2161 answered 24/7. If long distance, call 1-800-821-0956. You may also use the following emai:

When reporting the outage, give the dispatcher the name of the service as it appears on the monthly bill. If you have additional information about the cause of the outage, tell the dispatcher when you call.

Life Support Equipment

Please inform Radiant Electric’s office if you have life support equipment. We make every attempt to give these outages priority.

Please be patient, your service will be restored as quickly as possible. Line outages are often handled before repairing the individual outages.

How to change a fuse

  1. First, disconnect lamps and appliances in use when circuit went out.
  2. Open main switch or pull-out section of panel labeled “main” in the service entrance, to cut off current while working at the branch circuit box.
  3. Identify the blown fuse. When a fuse blows, the transparent section becomes cloudy, or blackened.
  4. Replace the blown fuse with a new one of proper size. The smaller sizes screw in and out just like light bulbs.
  5. Close the main switch or replace pull-out section to restore service.
  6. Throw away the blown fuse.

How to reset a circuit breaker

  1. Move handle to OFF position
  2. Push handle past OFF position to reset
  3. Return handle to ON position